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Dizel generator od 150 kilovata rješava problem potrošnje električne energije na ostrvu Xisha, Hainan

Vrijeme: 2016-07-20 Hits: 7

Twenty-seven residential buildings with a total construction area of 5504 square meters have been built. The seawater desalination equipment can provide 100 tons of desalinated water every day. Two 150-kilowatt diesel generators generate electricity day and night without interruption, which solves the electricity consumption of more than 180 fishermen on the island. problem.

However, just two years ago, the supplies on Zhaoshudao were still very tight, and the fishermen had a hard life.

The reporter went to the island in May 2012. The most common thing on the island is piles of conch shells. Due to the flow of sewage, the sea sand on the fishermen’s village road is stained black, and flies surround the fishy snail shells. The piles circulate and gather, and the newly cooked food often quickly becomes the target of the flies.

In the past ten years or so, the big blue bucket has become the symbol of Xisha—the fishermen on the small islands of Xisha can only rely on fishing boats to supply fresh water, and they simply cannot bear to be used for bathing. There is no electricity on the island. When it gets dark, fishermen rarely go out. When supplies are interrupted on a stormy day, they can only live on rain.

“Zhao Shudao used to have many water buckets, flies, and trash, but now there are many faucets, trash cans, and coconut trees.” said Xiao Jie, secretary and mayor of Sansha City. Only Shudao can have today's great changes."

Since the establishment of the Qilianyu Working Committee and Management Committee in July 2014, the infrastructure construction on the island has been rapidly boosted. In less than a year, a 1.6-kilometer roundabout road was built and a water storage was built along the road. The ditch collects rainwater. On both sides of the road, thousands of coconut trees swayed in the sea breeze, and the once extinct birds flew back to Zhaoshu Island.

The sea area of Sansha City is vast and there are many islands. At present, only the waters of the Xisha Yongle Islands can be visited by ordinary people.